Best 5 Jon Boat Seats – Swivel, Leaning, Deck Seat, and Folding

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When it comes to recreational boats, it doesn’t get better than Jon Boats. Jon Boats (aka John Boats) are flat-bottomed boats that offer a stable environment while being easy to maneuver in tight spaces. They are ideal for fishing, hunting, and any activity in shallow waters. 

They are compact and hence have minimal space for accessories. Each accessory in these boats is crucial and carefully adjusted. The starting point for any boat regarding accessories is the seat, and Jon Boats are no different. This article will help you choose the five best seats for your Jon Boat in 2023. 


Jon Boat Seats: An Overview

Seats on a Jon boat are designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and durable. As these boats are meant to operate in tight spaces, they must also be stable enough to allow members to stay put for long periods without discomfort. 

In terms of design, Jon boat seats come in various types depending on the overall ergonomics and purpose of the boat. Therefore, choosing the right seat for your boat will vary depending on what you want to use it for. 


Types of Jon Boat Seats

There are four primary types of Jon boat seats, each offering distinct advantages over the other. Hence, choosing the right type will depend on your boat and what you want to use it for. Let us look at each of them.

Swivel seat

As its name suggests, swivel seats are boat seats with a swivel, allowing the seated member to turn around as they would in an office chair. Its primary benefit is its ability to turn 360 degrees, allowing you to switch positions whenever needed. 

The padding on a swivel seat is generally heavy as it keeps you comfortable no matter how much you switch positions. These seats may also offer armrests and other additional features. 

Leaning seat

Also known as the leaning post, leaning seats are an upright structure behind the boat’s helm. They are meant to be stable enough to provide a comfortable atmosphere for casting, maneuvering the boat, and reeling in fish in rough waters.

As leaning seats must always be stable, they are built with sturdy materials, such as aluminum, marine-grade plastic, or stainless steel. These seats’ padding and overall functionalities vary, but they are always known to be reliable for all purposes. 

Folding seats

Folding seats can be folded, allowing you to save space to make room for more members or equipment. The folding mechanism on these seats means they always have a built-in backrest which you can use depending on your preference. 

Speaking of comfort, the padding on these boats is usually reliable and comfortable, enabling you to sit for long hours. The base material of these seats is usually metal or plastic. 

Deck seats

Deck seats are the simplest type of Jon boat seats. They are placed on the flat deck of the Jon boat, allowing members a basic seating option to stay put on the boat while fishing, sightseeing, etc. 

Installation of deck seats is relatively easy due to their simple mechanics. Other advantages of these seats include stability and low space consumption. Some manufacturers offer extra features with deck seats, such as swivel bases, armrests, and storage compartments. 


The 5 Best Seats For Jon Boats In 2023

1. Wise Mid-Back Fishing Boat Seat

The Wise Mid-Back Fishing Boat Seat is the best Jon boat seat if you are looking for supreme comfort. It has an elevated back that ensures proper backrest, enabling you to sit continuously for hours without any discomfort. 

It has an injection plastic molded frame, no-pinch aluminum hinges, and high compression foam padding, which all combine to form a premium quality seat. As for the dimensions, the seat is big enough to accommodate most adults with ample room for movement. 

For installation, you can mount this seat to any BIA Standard 4 bolt, 5 1/4″ bolt pattern pedestal system, or swivel with included fasteners. The seat also comes in various color options, enabling you to choose as per your boat’s aesthetics.

Price: $99.99


2. NORTHCAPTAIN T1 Deluxe Low Back Folding Boat Seat

The NORTHCAPTAIN T1 Deluxe Low Back Folding Boat Seat is a prime choice for those looking for a folding boat seat for their Jon boats. Its low-back design makes it ideal for fishing and sightseeing on water. 

The base of this seat is formed by a plastic seat frame made from polypropylene, providing it with the ability to withstand challenging marine environments. As for the folding mechanism, it has aluminum hinges that are easy to use.

The dimensions of this seat are big enough to accommodate adults weighing around 250 pounds. As for installation, you can easily install it on any standard 4-bolt swivel or pedestal using the screws and installation guide provided in the box. 

Price: $154.99


3. Attwood 98391GNMX Seat

The Attwood 98391GNMX Seat is an excellent combination of style and comfort. It comes in a camouflage color scheme that blends seamlessly with most boats while adding an adventurous feel. 

In terms of build quality, the seat is made with molded plastic, making it durable for rigorous marine environments. As for comfort, it has thick padding, allowing you to stay upright and pain-free for long periods. 

Installing the seat is relatively easy, as it comes with a thorough installation guide and kit to help you. As for the price, it is quite affordable. Overall, if you are looking for a basic seat that offers a comfortable experience, this is the seat for you. 

Price: $69.74


4. Wise 8WD112BP Series Pro Casting Deck Seat

Deck seats are meant to provide a basic seating arrangement on boats. The Wise 8WD112BP Series Pro Casting Deck Seat makes the most of that trait. It has a high-impact plastic frame and compression foam padding to keep you on the boat. 

As with most deck seats, this seat does not have a built-in backrest but a stable foundation and compact ergonomics make it a great addition to boats. If you have a small boat you wish to take out on short-term trips, this seat will be an excellent addition. It is also reasonably priced and comes from a reliable brand. 

Price: $38.22


5. Tempress All Weather High Back Seat

The Tempress All Weather High Back Seat is a wise choice if you are looking for a heavily padded Jon boat seat that will provide remarkable support for your body. 

It is designed using 30 oz. Marine-grade UV Stable Vinyl covered with custom-fitted cushions and high-density foam inserts. The pressure points are also well covered on this seat with a double-contoured seat pan. 

As its name suggests, the seat can withstand all weather conditions and is meant to be long-lasting. Cleaning the seat is very simple, as the padding is detachable. It also comes in various color options, including white, camouflage, red, blue, etc. 

Price: $104.50



Buying Guide for Jon Boat Seats

Here are the things to consider before buying seats for Jon boats: 

Seat type

Jon boat seats come in various types: Swivel, Leaning, Deck Seat, and Folding. Therefore, deciding on which kind of seat you want is the first course of action. Go for the boat seat arrangement that suits your boat’s dimensions and the activities you will indulge in while sitting on the seat. 


Durability is a crucial area when selecting any boat seat. Jon boats are compact and meant to channel through shallow yet tight spaces. Therefore, its seats need to be stable and long-lasting. Ensure you get a product made from sturdy material, such as marine-grade plastic or stainless steel. 


The seat’s comfort level depends on how you use the boat. If you will be sitting for long periods, getting a seat with lumbar support is imperative. Features, such as an armrest, are also preference-based. If you think an armrest will hinder your experience, avoid it. However, getting one can be clever if you seek absolute stability and rest. 

Brand reputation 

Getting a Jon boat seat from a reliable brand is always wise, as these seats are meant to be sturdy and stable. On top of the reputation alone, look for warranty details and customer service available while choosing a product. 

Additional features

Additional features on Jon boat seats include a swivel, folding ability, armrest, etc. Most of these features can be beneficial but also be gimmicky, depending on how the boat is used. Form an imaginative, practical scenario of these features; if a feature seems useful to you, getting a seat with it is ideal.


The price range of Jon boat seats can vary on various factors; seat type, functionality, brand reputation, etc. You should be slightly flexible with prices when choosing a Jon boat seat, as it is a long-term purchase. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I choose the best Jon boat seat for me? 

Choosing the best Jon boat seat is very subjective. It depends on how you will use your Jon boat. If you are going to be sitting for long hours, get one with a padded backrest for lumbar support. If you’d like to save up space, get a folding seat. If you want a basic seat, get a deck seat. 

Q2. How to install a Jon boat seat? 

You can install Jon boat seats using mounting brackets or swivel bases, depending on the make of the seat. Most seat manufacturers will provide an installation guide alongside screws/a toolkit for you to install your seat quickly.

Q3. How much weight can Jon boat seats handle?

Jon boat seats can generally handle about 200 to 300 pounds.

Q4. Can I remove a Jon boat seat? 

Most Jon boat seats are removable and can be removed from the base by unscrewing them. Some seats use a removable platform with a seat clamp as well. Look for the make of your seat and get further guidance from its manufacturer. 

Q5. How to clean a Jon boat seat?

Jon boat seats with removable padding are the easiest to clean. You separate the padding, wash it, and scrub off the rest of the seat to clean. The job is more complicated but doable for seats with no removable padding using mild soap, water, and a soft cloth or sponge. 


In conclusion, Jon boat seats come in several choices and must be chosen after considering various factors that perfectly align with how you wish to operate your boat. In this article, we listed the best five Jon boat seats as well as everything you need to know about Jon boat seats in general. 



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