Who Owns My Druthers Boat in Outer Banks

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Boat enthusiasts are always eager to explore new and lesser-known boats and never pass up a chance to learn about different models. Since a yacht named Druthers appeared in a popular Netflix show ‘Outer Banks’, it has captured much attention. Instantly the internet was filled up with questions related to this fantastic craft. 

There is a curiosity among individuals whether the Druthers yacht is entirely fictional or if an actual vessel resembling it exists in reality. In addition, numerous queries have arisen regarding the boat’s owner, origin, cost, and more. 

If you are among those boat lovers curious to know about the Druthers from the Outer Banks, you’ve come to the right spot. In this discussion, I will cover all aspects of this exceptional vessel. So, join me and explore this gorgeous yacht.


Druthers Boat: What Do We Know

In a well-known episode of the Netflix series Outer Banks, the Druthers boat was introduced as a lavish watercraft that would be owned only by the extremely wealthy. While the Druthers boat does not exist in reality, it resembles some of the classic yachts that were popular in the past.

It’s no secret that the Druthers from the Outer Banks is inspired by luxury boats from the past. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of boat on the silver screen, as movies and TV shows often use such watercraft to portray the lives of the extremely wealthy. This trend has been prevalent in the industry for a long time.

Whether it be James Bond or Mission Impossible, it’s common to see the protagonists using an expensive boat to show their wealth and uptown lifestyle. The creators of Outer Banks also aimed to achieve a similar impression, and they have successfully done so. However, the question arises: where did they draw their inspiration from?? In this article, we will delve deeper into this topic.


Who Owns My Druthers Boat?

In Outer Banks, the boat is shown as a prized possession of one of the main protagonists Ward Cameron. He also owns a few other luxury vehicles, including an Aston Martin Volante, Range Rover, and stunning Dodge Ram.

Although not directly mentioned in the TV show, it is easy to conclude

that the Druthers boat symbolizes the owner’s aspirations. The name Druthers means “one’s preference or choice,” indicating that the show’s creators intended to depict it as a manifestation of the owner’s wealth and desires.


Druthers: Fictional or Inspired from Real Life?

As far as the show is concerned, the Outer Banks has brought attention to the beauty and history of the Outer Banks region of North Carolina, with many viewers expressing a desire to visit the area themselves. The show has also been credited with boosting tourism in the region, as more and more people seek to experience the beauty and adventure of the Outer Banks firsthand.

The most similar boat to the Druthers is the High Spirit, an 82-foot superyacht produced by Hatteras Boats in 1996. The boat’s principal designer was Jack Hargrave, and it was officially introduced to the US market in the late 90s. Since then, the High Spirit has made appearances in various TV adventure shows and movies.

Another resemblance comes from a classic wooden sportfishing vessel built in 1961 by the Merritt Boat and Engine Works in Pompano Beach, Florida. Interestingly, the boat was also named Druthers. It is owned by Captain Brian Siers and his wife, Mary, and is used for charter fishing trips in the Outer Banks region.

This boat has a longstanding history and was passed through several owners before finally ending up in Outer Banks. The boat has become a beloved symbol of the area’s maritime culture and a popular attraction for visitors to the region. It offers visitors an unforgettable experience of fishing and the beauty and adventure of the Outer Banks region.


A Little about the Boat

So what does the Druthers look like, and what facilities does it offer? Let’s have a look. 

Although in Outer Banks, the Druthers boat is portrayed as a luxurious watercraft, interestingly, in reality, it’s a classic sportfishing vessel. While the specifics of the Druthers are not documented in the show, we can judge by the visuals that it possesses some of the characteristics of a typical superyacht.

Superyachts are usually massive in size and contain luxurious amenities. For example, multiple decks, including a sun deck which is a great place for gatherings and sunbathing. Superyachts also boast lavish interiors such as marble floors and plush furniture. They have high-end facilities such as navigation systems, barbeque, and entertainment centers.

These super boats are packed with all the necessary equipment for water activities, such as paddleboards and scuba diving gear. To enhance the onboard experience for guests, they may also have a small crew, including a captain, chef, and a small staff. 

Here is a tour of a similar luxury yacht which will give you an idea about Druthers:


What’s the Actual Cost?

It is important to note that the luxurious portrayal of the Druthers in the show may not necessarily reflect its actual value or cost in real life. However, based on the listings of similar yachts, it’s safe to say that such a water toy may cost you at least over a million dollars. 


Final Word

I hope this article was able to provide you with the necessary insight into the iconic Druthers. As a luxurious vessel, it is perfect for those with a taste for extravagance. The constant presence of the yacht in the Outer Banks TV show has fueled a desire among viewers to own a similar watercraft in real life. 

If you’re in the market for a Druther yacht, you’ll need to do additional research to confirm its availability for purchase. However, the High Spirit, the closest to Druthers, is not currently listed for sale anywhere. 


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