How Much Does A Bass Boat Cost – Everything You Need To Know 

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For many fishing enthusiasts, the pursuit of catching a big bass is more than just a hobby. When it comes to bass fishing, having the right equipment is necessary for a successful day on the water. For many serious bass anglers, a bass boat is a crucial tool in their arsenal.

These boats are designed specifically for fishing, with numerous features live well, fish finders, and trolling motors to make catching fish easier and more efficient. However, as with any specialized equipment, the cost of a bass boat can be a significant investment.

Therefore, if you’re planning to purchase one, you need to have a clear understanding of how much you can expect to spend. In this article, we’ll explore the various factors that impact the cost of a bass boat to give you an idea of what you may need to pay.


What’s The Average Price Range of Bass Boats?

The price range of bass boats can vary significantly, with certain models ranging from $10,000 to $70,000. Several factors, such as length, size, and the brand of the boat are the main determinants of the price of these types of boats.

Smaller boats of around 18 feet are affordable and considered ideal for beginners. Likewise, larger boats of around 21 feet are more suitable for larger groups, but they do carry a hefty price tag ranging between $40,000-$50,000.

However, much cheaper options also exist, such as the Bass Tracker XL which costs only $10,995. Although it has a comparatively less powerful engine, it’s still sufficient enough to easily accommodate around four people.

All in all, it’s important to consider how you’re planning to use the boat and the engine power you require before making a purchase decision, instead of solely relying on the price.


How Expensive Can a Bass Boat Be?

Bass boats can tend to be quite expensive, with one of the most expensive ones being the Ranger Z521L ICON which may cost up to $100,000. The extravagantly hefty price tag is due to several factors such as specialized features, superior quality, size, technology, and luxury status of the brand.

Such boats are crafted with highly durable materials and offer a wide range of features such as fish finders, GPS, rod holders, storage compartments, and more. The high price is also backed by large engines and promises of superior performance.

However, regardless of the cost, there’s a huge popularity for luxury bass boats, and manufacturers never shy away from creating unique boats with amazing features that are sure to impress potential hobbyists and buyers.

Other Costs You Should Be Aware Of

In addition to the cost of the bass boat itself, there are certainly other expenses that you should consider before making a buying decision. There are various additional costs that can add up quickly, which you need to prepare for.

The first thing that you should consider is taxes, which are applied to both new and used boats. Its rate can vary based on your location and you must verify the tax rate with your local authority to avoid being overcharged by your dealer.

Additionally, you should also consider the registration fees along with the cost of the boat. When you register a boat under your name, you’re required to pay a fee, regardless of whichever state you live in. The fee amount may vary based on the age and model of the boat.

You should also keep insurance costs in mind before making a purchase decision. Although not all states consider boat insurance mandatory, we’d still recommend you get it covered to keep yourself protected from potential accidents.

Many insurance companies also offer bundled protection for both your car and boat which may help you save money. Another expense that you may consider is storage, which is required if you don’t already have a garage to store your boat during the off-season.

Climate-controlled storage with a cover is a great option for you, but it’s more expensive that outdoor storage facilities. However, it may also vary based on location and may cost anywhere between $150-$200 per month depending on the size of the boat.


Best Bass Boats and Their Prices – Latest Picks

If you’re curious about the latest price of the bass boats, below are the prices of some of the most popular brands such as Nitro, Tracker, and Ranger. The prices discussed here are for the basic models without any add-ons:

  • Foremost, we have the Nitro 217. This amazing bass boat is 17 feet long and is capable of carrying up to four passengers. The starting price for this boat is $27,995.
  • Next up, we have the Nitro Z18 Pro. This one’s a little longer than the Nitro 217 with a length of 18 feet and accommodation space for four passengers. Its starting price is $35,995.
  • Moving on, there’s the Ranger Z518, which is an 18-foot-long bass boat that too can accommodate four people and commands a starting price of $42,995.
  • Lastly, we have the Ranger Z519. This is a 19-foot-long bass boat that can easily accommodate around five people and its starting price can be nearly $53,000.


Buying a Used Bass Boat – Is It Worth It?

  • Purchasing a used bass boat can be considered an economical option for those who are not willing to buy a new one. However, if you’re among those, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before making a purchase, such as:
  • Firstly, you need to check the engine hours to determine how much the boat has been used. If it has been used for a lot of hours, you may require to overhaul the engine at some point, which can be quite expensive to do.
  • Next, you should inspect the hull for any potential damage. Boats are prone to hitting rocks or debris, which can cause gouges, scratches, and dents that require very expensive fiberglass work.
  • It’s also necessary to ask for maintenance records of the boat and check for any potential leaks or damage in case the previous owners made their own repairs.
  • Also, make sure you examine the tires and trailers for any possible dents or issues that may arise due to towing.
  • You should also research the average selling price for the boat that you’re interested in purchasing by checking some listings on the internet. This will provide you with a clear idea about the price and give you the scope of negotiation.
  • Finally, you should also ask the seller to take you out for a test drive to see how the boat works in action on the water.

By doing your homework and conducting the required research, you can easily find great deals on used bass boats without any costly surprises. Keep in mind that if a deal seems too good to be true, it might possibly be.


What’s The Best Time to Buy a Bass Boat?

The best time of the year to purchase a bass boat is in the fall or winter. During these months, dealers usually look for clearing out their stock to make some additional room for newer models and are willing to offer discounted prices for the products in their current inventory.

Similarly, boat owners looking to sell their used boats usually prefer to do so in the winter or fall months after they’ve used them for the prime season already. As a buyer, this provides you the advantage to negotiate the price and get a great deal.

Owners tend to be more willing to sell their boats during this time as they have to bear the costs of storing the boat for extended periods. That being said, fall and winter are the best times to buy a bass boat, especially when your main concern is to save money.


Final Words

The cost of a bass boat can vary greatly depending on the brand, size, features, and age of the boat. While some budget options can be found for around $10,000, top-of-the-line models with all the bells and whistles can cost upwards of $100,000 or more. It’s important to carefully consider your budget and boating needs before making a purchase to ensure you get the best value for your money.


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