Pontoon Boat Corner Caps – Where to Buy, How to Fit?

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If you own a Pontoon boat, it’s a no-brainer to equip them with corner caps. These caps save the deck from damage and strengthen the overall boat stricture. 

Pontoons offer a multitude of benefits, such as fishing, surfing, and leisure with loved ones. Nevertheless, one disadvantage of owning a pontoon boat that many boaters dislike is the exposed corners of the vessel. The boat’s design consists of a deck supported by two or more cylindrical tubes (pontoons), which can leave the corners of the deck vulnerable.

Fortunately, you can protect them easily with the help of corner caps. Follow along as I guide you through every aspect of Pontoon corner caps and their significance. Additionally, I will provide recommendations for top-rated corner caps available for purchase online, as well as a brief installation guide. Let’s begin! 


Pontoon Corner Caps: A Must-Have Component

The deck is the primary component in pontoons, and the entire boat structure relies on it. Protecting its corners is crucial as they are often very exposed to damage and wear & tear. One effective method is installing corner caps made from durable materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or thick polycarbonate.  

You can find Pontoon corner caps in different sizes and shapes online stores, including Amazon and eBay. Installing them is simple and can improve your boat’s durability and appearance. Let’s explore the importance of these small yet significant components for your boat. 

1. Protection from Damage

Corner caps safeguard your deck’s corners from damage caused by impacts or wear and tear. Pontoon boats go through various adverse experiences, including collisions with docks, other vessels, or underwater obstacles, and the corners are especially vulnerable. By reducing the impact and shielding the corners, the caps help maintain the boat’s optimal condition, which can be an asset when selling it in the future.

2. Improved Aesthetics

While the core design stays the same, these caps are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials that can perfectly complement the style of your boat. In fact, some caps can be further personalized to seamlessly blend in with your boat’s color scheme and design, effectively serving as a decorative accessory.

Lately, numerous manufacturers have started producing exceptionally high-quality and visually striking caps, with some even featuring LED lights that can dramatically transform the appearance of your pontoon.

3. Longevity of the Vessel

The relentless exposure of your deck’s edges to water can gradually weaken them, and an impact on a weakened deck can lead to severe damage. It’s not ideal from the safety point of view or if you want to sell your boat at some point. 

Installing corner caps ensures that your boat remains in its best shape for an extended period. They safeguard the deck’s edges from impacts that may occur while parking or when in close proximity to other vessels, thereby preserving its condition and shape.

Also, remember that it’s necessary to check on the caps and replace them if necessary. No matter how strong, it’s normal for them to sustain considerable damage over a period. Owners should inspect their boat’s corner caps regularly and replace them if they show signs of damage or wear. 


Top 3 Pontoon Corner Caps 2023

Here are the best Pontoon corner caps you can buy:

1. TAYLOR MADE Pontoon Corner-Gard

Taylor Made is a popular name and my personal favorite in the boat accessories market. Its corner guard boasts the same high quality the company is known for. These corner guards are designed to fit seamlessly on a 90-degree angle and can be mounted on the factory-made rail’s aluminum. Measuring 3″ W x 12″ L, they are the perfect size to fit most pontoon boats and provide air-cushioned protection from heavy impacts.  

There is a cutout in the center for extra clearance for flexibility when mounting to the rail with stainless fasteners, which are included in the package. Moreover, with silver PVC, these caps will blend perfectly with your pontoon boat’s aluminum. 

Price – $25.23 (Pack of 1)


2. DeckMate Pontoon Corner Caps

DeckMate pontoon corner caps are made from durable cast aluminum. These caps have a 1-1/2″ radius and are compatible with most pontoon boats, including some older models. They may require minor modifications to the edges of your plywood to accommodate the small radius, but the result is a secure and snug fit that will keep your boat’s corners safe from damage.

With DeckMate pontoon corner caps, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your boat is protected and ready for any adventure on the water. Remember that these caps don’t come with fasteners and must be bolted to your deck manually. Also, a shipping fee of $9.99 is applicable for orders under $100. 

Price – $19.99 ( Pack of 1)


3. Restore Pontoon Aluminum Corner Caps

These pontoon boat corners are made from top-quality marine-grade aluminum and are built to last long. These corner caps are impact-resistant and UV-stabilized, ensuring they can endure harsh weather conditions and maintain their durability over time. 

You can install them by simply screwing them in from the top. However, these corner caps aren’t at a perfect 90-degree angle but have a rounded shape and may require you to trim the edge of your boat’s plywood for an ideal fit. Make sure you put the exact measurements before you purchase. However, once precisely installed, you can rest assured that these corner caps will provide optimal protection for your boat’s corners. 

Price – $58 (Pack of 2)


How to Install Corner Caps?

Installing corner caps is relatively simple if you have all the necessary tools and equipment. Before you get to the business, please remember that if you own a slightly older model, you may need to modify the plywood deck if the cap radius is too small. 

This can be done by minor cutting and sanding. Keep in mind that you just need to create enough space for bolting. Most pontoon boat corner caps come with pre-drilled mounting holes, allowing for easy installation by drilling directly into the wooden deck. 

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Clean and dry the deck’s edges with a cloth or paper. It’s best to leave the deck under the sun for the whole day before you start the installation. Also, you can use a cleaning solution. Just make sure the edges are completely dry. 
  • Place the corner caps on the deck corners and align them properly. Ensure that the fitting is immaculate and that there is no gap between the cap and the deck.
  • Next, outline the cap’s edges and point out the screw holes with the help of a marker.
  • Remove the corner caps and drill pilot holes at the marked spots.
  • Place the corner caps back in position with the help of the outline you marked, and screw or bolt them to the deck.
  • To maximize the protection, you can use a marine-grade adhesive to the bottom of the corner cap before screwing it.
  • Give all the screws a quick check to ensure they are all tightly done. 

Here is a corner cap installation guide that will further clarify the steps:


Final Word

This article has effectively outlined the significant benefits of installing pontoon corner caps to enhance your boat’s safety and durability. It’s a low-cost investment that can bring you long-lasting and highly favorable outcomes. For further details on pontoon-related topics, kindly explore our website.


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