Pontoon Boat Storage Ideas & Accessories To Maximize Your Space Utility 

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Pontoon boats have always been popular for recreational boaters, providing a comfortable and spacious platform for on-the-water fun. However, with limited storage space, it can be challenging to keep things organized and accessible while out on the water.

Fortunately, with a little creativity and the right accessories available at your disposal, you can make the most out of the available space and enjoy a clutter-free boating experience. Let’s look at some tips, tricks, and ideas that can solve the problem of limited space on your pontoon boat.


16x Storage Ideas and Accessories 

1. Get Creative with Cargo Nets

Cargo nets can be a highly versatile and affordable storage solution for your pontoon boat, as they can be easily installed on your boat’s railings or even under the seats. This lets you keep your deck completely out of the clutter and unorganized items.

They’re made of durable materials such as rubber webbings and bungee cords, making them resistant to water and other environmental factors. Moreover, cargo nets are also available in multiple size options to help you find one that fits the bill for you.

You can even use them to store things like paddles, life jackets, and fishing nets, so they’re easy to reach and space-efficient in an emergency.

2. Get a Marine-Grade Cooler for Food and Drinks

There’s nothing like cracking open a cold drink or enjoying a fresh sandwich when you’re out on the water for several hours. However, keeping your food at the right temperature is hard without evading the risk of contamination in these deep blues.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by investing in a high-quality marine-grade cooler such as Yeti Tundra, which will change your pontoon boat trip experience forever. It’ll help you keep your food and drinks at the ideal temperature and protect it from the harsh elements of the water and sun.

3. Organize Your Fishing Gear with Rod Storage

You can find almost everything to make a great rod storage system for your pontoon, from rod holders that mount on the railings for decks to vertical rods that attach to the side of the console. Several customization options are available to help you design a personalized rod storage system.

A great option to consider is the KastKing rack, which provides horizontal and vertical variants that securely hold up over 24 fishing rods. Another option is the Brocraft Pontoon Boat Fishing Rod Holder, which amounts to any flat surface with an adjustable angle.

4. Maximize Space with Waterproof Marine Storage Boxes

A Marine-Grade storage box will be a perfect solution for storing items such as ropes, life jackets, and other gear that must be kept dry and protected from external elements. It also has a secure latch that ensures everything’s in place during rough waters.

Their compact design makes them easy to store in tight spaces on your boat, and you can easily stack them as a base for your seats. Their practical design and durable construction make them a great investment for any pontoon boat owner.

5. Use Storage Pockets for Essential Items

To keep your pontoon boat’s cockpit organized, you can use storage pockets hanging from the rails. They can be used to store various small items, such as sunglasses and keys, and can help prevent things from sliding around here and there.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your phone or keys overboard, you can also use waterproof lanyards or key floats to store them safely. These handy accessories will surely keep your valuables safe and secure, even in rough waters.

6. Organize Small Items with a Versatile Tackle Box

Tackle boxes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which allows you to choose one that fits your needs best. The Wakeman organizer provides 14 compartments, is made with durable plastic, and features a handle for easy transportation and a lock for added security.

Another compact option is the Plano Stowaway tackle box, which features adjustable drivers that makes it perfect for storing small items like hooks, lures, and weights. You can also use labels or color-coding to find what you need within these boxes easily.

7. Keep Your Boat Manuals in a Waterproof File

Keeping track of boat manuals is essential as they provide essential information about your boat’s systems and features. You can store them in waterproof files to keep them safe from elements such as rain, splashes, and even unexpected flooding.

This’ll help you ensure that your manuals are readable and usable in case of emergencies or unexpected repairs. It can also help you avoid the frustration of searching for misplaced manuals or struggling to read water-damaged documents.

8. Specify Storage for Tools and Equipment

Storing your tools and equipment is a crucial aspect of maintaining your pontoon boat, which is why having a boat tool kit on board can be very helpful. It will help you address any issues arising while you’re out on the water, ensuring your boat stays in top condition.

One option to do this is a canvas roll-up, which can be hung on a wall or stored in a designated compartment. Alternatively, you can also get a toolbox that’s designed specifically for marine environments, as they’re often waterproof and rust-resistant.

9. Keep Your Boat Clean and Tidy with Trash Stasher

Keeping your pontoon boat clean and tidy is essential for sustaining a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience. The idea of using a super suction trash stasher to store garbage and perishables is an excellent way to keep everything clean and organized.

It’s a simple and practical solution that can be easily installed on any flat surface of your boat using suction cups. You can use the stasher to store small trash bags, which can be easily disposed of when the boat returns to the shore.

10. Store Food Adequately to Prevent Contamination

High temperatures and exposure to water can cause your food to spoil quickly out of the water, which leads to wasted supplies and potential health risks. To tackle this, there are several simple yet effective hacks that you can implement on your pontoon.

For example, use airtight containers and cooler bags or consider investing in a portable refrigerator instead to enjoy longer-lasting storage for perishable items.

11. Use Cup Holders to Prevent Drinks from Spilling

Having your drinks spill over can be frustrating and create a mess. To prevent this from occurring, you can consider several options, such as using cup holders that can be secured into your pontoon rails. They’re designed specifically to hold your drinks securely.

This allows you to easily access your beverage while enjoying the ride and prevent drinks from dripping all over the deck. If you aren’t a fan of clamp-on cup holders, you may choose from several other options, such as portable ones, drop-in cup holders, and more.

12. Consider Waterproof Dry Bags for Portable Storage

A waterproof kit bag can be an excellent idea for pontoon boat storage since it can keep your items dry and protected from water damage. Moreover, it’s also easy to store and can be stowed away in a storage compartment under a seat, which makes it highly convenient.

It’s also a very versatile option that can be used to store a range of items, including clothing, towels, electronics, and other personal belongings. The best thing about these is that they’re designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities.

13. Utilize The Under Deck Space

Utilizing the under-deck storage space can significantly increase your pontoon boat’s storage capacity. You can install storage compartments that can be custom-designed to fit the specific needs of your boat and can be accessed from the deck.

Overhead storage racks can also be used by mounting them to the underside of the deck, which works great for storing items such as fishing poles, life jackets, and other gear that can be hung. You can also install rod holders under the deck to keep your fishing gear organized and out of the way.

14. Keep Long Items Secure with PVC Junctions

Long items can be a hassle to store on your pontoon boat, which is why it’s important to keep them secured and out of the way to prevent accidents. That’s where DIY storage solutions, such as PVC junction fittings, come into play.

You can use these to create a custom storage rack on the side of your boat, which will allow you to keep items like paddles, deck brushes, boat hooks, and rods completely organized and easy to access, either horizontally or vertically.

15. Organize Your Shoes with a Shoe Rack

Keeping your shoes organized and out of the way on your pontoon boat can be a challenge, but it’s surely essential to maintain a tidy and safe environment. Scattered shoes create a tripping hazard and can be damaged easily by water or sun exposure.

The simplest solution is to invest in a shoe organizer that can hang on the rails, allowing easy access to shoes when required and keeping them securely in place while you carry out any of your boating activities.

16. Use Hooks for Wet Clothes and Towels

Having wet clothes and towels lying around can create a safety hazard too, which is why using quality hooks, such as 3M, can be a very effective storage hack. You can position them in several spots around your boat to hang up wet items and keep them off the deck.

This allows them to dry and prevents them from becoming a tripping hazard. Moreover, using hooks instead of laying the clothes here and there can also save valuable seating space on your pontoon boat.


Final Words

Pontoon boats surely have ample space for recreational activities but are limited in terms of storage space. Utilizing the neat tips and tricks mentioned in this blog post can help you make the most out of this space. So make sure you try them right away!


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