Top 3 Livewell Seats for Pontoon Boat

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According to 2020 data, pontoon boats made up 38% of all new powerboat sales in the U.S., making them the front-runner in the powerboat market. They are an excellent choice for recreational activities as they offer ample space for accommodating families and equipment while being easy to maneuver.

Fishing is one of the most common recreational activities performed on a pontoon boat. Therefore, having good quality livewell seats on them is imperative. Livewell seats are meant to store fishing catches and baits and enclose them into seats for members to sit on. This article will list the top 3 Livewell seats for pontoon boats in 2023. 


Livewell Seats for Pontoon: An Overview

A Livewell seat on pontoon boats is a dual-purpose accessory that acts as a bait/catch storage unit and a seat for members. They are a convenient addition to pontoon boats as they minimize space usage by working as a two-in-one product.

Regarding design, pontoon seats are equipped with an aerator or a pump to circulate fresh water into the storage unit to keep the bait and catch fresh at all times. The seat part is located on top of the storage unit and becomes activated for seating once it is closed.

Livewell seats are traditionally made of durable plastic or fiberglass, making them sturdy surfaces to store items and sit on when closed. When it comes to size, these seats come in various size types based on boat ergonomics. Some come with smaller storage units, while some are meant to store larger game fish. 


Types of Livewell Seats

Livewell seats come in several types, all serving a similar purpose. Let us look at these types to help you find out which one suits you the best. 

  • Integrated Livewell Seats

Integrated Livewell seats are convertible seats that can become a storage unit for bait or catch once the seat cushion is removed from the top. These are excellent choices for users looking to use their seats for storage and seating. Understandably, you cannot use these seats when you need to use the storage unit actively.

  • Portable Livewell Seats

As their name suggests, Portable Livewell Seats are not integrated into the pontoon boat but act as a standalone unit. These can be carried from one vessel to another when required. The build is similar to that of conversion Livewell seats with the addition of portability. You can install these seats anywhere on the boat as per convenience and safety. 

  • Livewell Bags or Baskets 

Livewell bags and baskets are not traditionally Livewell seats but an accessory to keep your catch or bait in. These are portable and can be kept anywhere on the boat for storage. Some of these are built with sturdy material and can be seated on when closed. 


Why Should You Consider Buying Livewell Seats?

Livewell seats can be considered an excellent addition to your pontoon boat for the following reasons: 


Seating arrangement plays a huge role when you are in the water, especially in the case of recreational activities like fishing on pontoon boats. Anglers have to sit for hours trying to catch fish.

Livewell seats offer supreme comfort as they come with padded cushions, high backs to help you stay upright, and an overall design that will prevent irritation as much as possible. 

Keeping Fish or Bait Alive and Healthy

Livewell seats are a brilliant way of ensuring your fish or bait is unharmed in your fishing expedition. After all, nothing is more frustrating than losing your fishing experience to heat or toxins in the atmosphere. 

These seats are equipped with an aerator or pump to circulate fresh water to keep live bait and fish healthy by allowing them to oxygenate themselves. 


Livewell seats are a two-in-one product and have a great convenience profile. They help you save space by becoming a seat and storage unit. Moreover, they are also comfortable and easy to use, so you can convert them into either arrangement whenever required. If you have a portable Livewell seat, they can be even more convenient as you can carry them only when needed. 

Meeting Fishing Regulations

Anglers are supposed to carry livewell systems whenever they go fishing as per fishing regulations in the U.S. Having livewell seats on your pontoon boat can be a clever move on your part. 


If aesthetics are important to you, Livewell seats can help you enhance them. They come in a variety of choices in terms of color, design, and approach. Choose a product that matches your style and accommodates well on your boat.


The 3 Best Livewell Seats for Pontoon Boats

1. Moeller Deluxe Permanent Mount Livewell Seat – 72-Quart 

The Deluxe Permanent Mount Livewell Seat by Moeller offers a spacious storage capacity of 72 quarts to store even large catches. It also helps in delivering fresh water to keep your catch and bait fresh all the time. 

The product features a built-in aerator system that delivers continuous oxygenation to help live beings remain healthy and alive for long periods. The system is noise-free, allowing you to focus or indulge in all kinds of activities without any disturbance. 

Cleaning this product is easy, thanks to its vinyl material that also offers durability. Other ergonomic features include deep foam cushions that help you sit for a long time without any discomfort. Installing this product is also very easy, as it comes with molded mounting plates.



2. Wise 8WD159-784 Swingback Cooler Seat – 50-Quart

The Wise 8WD159-784 Swingback Cooler Seat is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality while providing a lasting experience. It can be used to store livewell, snack items, beverages, and anything perishable. 

In terms of design, it has a well-padded arrangement made out of marine-grade vinyl that is easy to clean. For storage, it has a 50-quart cooler capacity that is large enough to cover the needs of an entire family. Once used, you can drain the water using the center drain hole on the seat. 

Regarding installation, this seat can be affixed with most standard seat mounts. As for seating capacity, the seat has ample space to let at least two members sit on it. The seat also has a swing-back feature that allows users to access it without lifting the entire seat. 



3. Wise 8WD437SS-784 Offshore Swingback Cooler/Storage Seat – 62 Quart

The Wise 8WD437SS-784 Offshore Swingback Cooler/Storage Seat offers an impressive storage capacity of 62 quarts that can be used to store bait, catch, snack items, and beverages. 

It is ideal for long trips as it has a heavy-duty cooler made with molded plastic and insulated foam. It also offers comfortable seating with high-compression padding. As for drainage, it has a center drain hole to dispense liquid after use. 

You can easily install this product, and cleaning it is also pretty convenient, thanks to the material used. Speaking of convenience, it also has a swing-back feature, allowing you to access its insides without having to lift off the seat completely. 



Buying Guide for Livewell Seats

Here are the things to consider before buying livewell seats for pontoon boats: 


Most livewell seats are easy to install and compatible with most pontoon boat arrangements. However, you should ensure that the product you are looking for is compatible with your boat in size, mount type, and ergonomics. 


All livewell seats serve a similar purpose; however, certain functionalities vary. For example, some livewell seats have a swing-back feature, allowing users to access the storage unit without lifting off the seat. Ensure the product you are looking at has all the required functionalities. 


Not all livewell seats are made equally. Some seats might be compatible with your boat and offer functional benefits but look odd when affixed to the boat. If aesthetics are important to you, make sure the product you are looking at fits your style and goes with the theme of your pontoon boat. 

Brand Reputation

Livewell seats are meant for long-term usage. Therefore, going for a product that comes from a reliable brand is crucial. Ensure the product has warranty benefits and a dedicated customer service scheme in case of any queries. 


Price is an essential factor for any purchase, and livewell seats are no different. These seats usually cost $300-700 based on size, brand reputation, and features. Go for a product that fits your budget and follows the criteria mentioned in the buying guide above. 


Can You Make a Livewell Seat for Pontoon Boats at Home?

Yes, you can make a livewell seat for pontoon boats at home. 

To start with, you need a basic water cooler that is large and sturdy enough to be made into a seat. Once you have that at your disposal, you must ensure it has a drainage system with a center drain hole to attach a hose. Your basic livewell is now set up. If you need advanced features, you can add them at your convenience. 

For seating, the enclosed cooler can act as a primary seat. If you want more comfort, add a padded cushion and a backrest to keep you upright. Ensure all materials used are compatible with each other and water conditions. 

Check out this detailed installation video to learn more about the process:



In conclusion, livewell seats are an excellent choice for pontoon boats as they can be used to store bait, catch, beverages, snack items, and much more while simultaneously acting as a seat. If you want to buy a livewell seat for your boat, the above article should help you choose one. 


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